Nothing But Bloch Dance Shoes For Me

I know that my next pair of dance shoes will be from Bloch. I have had nothing but good experiences with Bloch dance shoes. The first pair of shoes from Bloch that I ever owned were a pair of pointe shoes. Oh what a proud day that was for me. My Mom brought me to the shoe store to pick out my shoes on a Saturday in April. I remember it clearly. Just like it was yesterday.

When we walked into the store, we were met by the most beautiful dancer I have ever seen. She must have been a dancer. She had long legs and walked so gracefully. A dancer like myself can always spot another ballerina from across the room. There's a certain gait and walk of confidence and strength that comes with being a ballerina.

She brought me out a pair of pale pink pointe shoes. Size three. They fit my feet perfectly and cradled them with cushioning and support that I had not yet experienced with the twenty dollar pair of shoes that I had been wearing for the last couple months.

As a thirteen year old girl, not only did they give my feet exactly what they needed but they also gave me a mental boost about the type of ballerina I had become. I knew that I had made it! Only the best dancers in our dance troupe wore Bloch dance shoes and now I was one of them.

So why quit a good thing? I have a few pairs of pointe shoes now but a couple of the pairs are getting a little worn. Before they become completely worn out I need to break in a new pair. I never want to go from a well broken in pair of pointe shoes to brand new pair. My feet will suffer the consequences. I have to make sure that my new pair is worked into the rotation before an older pair of shoes works their way out.

Every time that I go and buy a new pair of dance shoes, I feel like I am thirteen again. Those feelings of "I have made it!" come rushing back every single time. I leave the store happy and in good spirits every time.

I can guarantee you that my next pair of dance shoes will be from Bloch, as well as the next hundred pairs of shoes after that.

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