Mizuno Running Shoes Technology - A Brief Look

With the creation of high tech materials and Continuing research, running shoes Have Become increasingly more and more complex. Compared to the flat canvass of the 70s running shoes, shoes Employ space age technology today. Materials are Constantly Being Brought Out of the scientific labs and one to the manufacturing of running shoes. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, more popularly Known as EVA, Is Now Being eclipsed by Many new high-tech materials. EVA Was oz regarded to Be the Biggest TECHNOLOGICAL stride in running shoes.

This Article Will explain sacrifice part of the newer high technology features in this Mizuno shoes.

Mizuno Wave

Perhaps the MOST popular technology Known Is The Mizuno Mizuno Wave. Most Manufacturers Have a flat mid-sole for cushioning. The Mizuno Wave Mizuno Makes Every shoe features a unique Because It wave-like plastic midsole. That this claim Mizuno Gives Their shoes have superior cushioning the impact travels Along this wave. This wave action dispersed the force generated "during the fall football Along the Entire length of the football.

Smooth Ride

This signature feature by Mizuno THEY IS something really taunting Have Been on Their press events. Smooth Ride Is a system of elements are very carefully Designed the outer sole That Gives "any pair of Mizuno running shoes (literally) a" smooth ride. " It Accomplish this by Minimizing the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot THROUGHOUT the gait cycle. The Effect IS Reduced vibration and shock year Unparalleled Mizuno smooth ride.

Mizuno InterCool

Has impressive technology Mizuno year Aimed at cooling a working pair of shoes: The Mizuno intercooler. As your feet hit the ground this system transfers the heat generated inside the shoe from the feet out Towards an exhaust system at the mid-sole. That claim Mizuno Mizuno InterCool system Reduces temperatures by 6% and Humidity by as Much as 12%. This works by expelling hot air inside the shoe-through a series of holes and channels with Positioned at mid-sole.


Also unique to Is The Mizuno VS-1 technology. This was Made by Mizuno to shock absorbed Towards the front part of the shoe. The material Used in VS-1 Is a combination of isoprene rubber and the lightweight EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). If You Have Noticed a longer cushioning Lifespan for a pair of Mizuno shoes, It Is Most Likely due to VS-1

Gender Engineering

Adjustments made from men's and women's shoes are now increasingly Becoming Common Among shoe manufacturers. Their version calls Mizuno Gender Engineering. For Their women's shoes Mizuno INcreased the football print. Theys Also new serie em design has less Flexibility is the sole Compared to men's running shoes. This Gives Both genders have different feel on Their Shoes That Gives Them the gold bracket Flexibility That Matches Their Needs.

All this cutting edge technology IS Applied To The Mizuno Wave Rider 12 Cushion Running Shoes. Find out if you absolutely Need Them: Do I Need Cushion Running Shoes?

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